Seattle Pacific University students, faculty members, and staff work to raise awareness of the issues surrounding homelessness in the Seattle area. Here are ways you can also advocate.


Local, state, and federal policies and regulations impact those experiencing homelessness. And the SPU community is committed to advocating for justice for all.

One arm of advocacy is contacting your legislators about the issue of homelessness. In Washington state, visit the District Finder to learn who represents you in Olympia, and how to contact them by mail, phone, or email. You will also find information on how to meet with your representatives in person.

Social media

Countless myths and misconceptions regarding homeless people circulate online. We want to equip you to counter these myths and be a digital advocate for change. Follow us on Facebook to receive the latest news about this issue in the Seattle area, and then share what you learn with your own social network.

Housing and Homelessness
Advocacy Day

Each winter, the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance organizes an advocacy day in Olympia. Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day brings together hundreds of advocates with powerful messages about this important issue. SPU organizes a group to participate each year, led by Associate Professor of Sociology Karen Snedker. Join us for the next Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day and have your voice heard.

More information, including a date for the next event and how to sign up, will be posted once it’s available. To see photos from previous years and learn more about the event, visit the Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day site.

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