Tent City 3 Meals

SPU's TC3 Host Committee is excited to welcome Tent City 3 to our campus again! As part of our commitment to Tent City 3, we provide a hot evening meal each day of their encampment at SPU. In order to do this, we invite community groups, churches, local restaurants, faculty, staff, and students to consider contributing a meal.

Please refer to the calendar below to see open dates and then email your top two dates to TC3Meals@spu.edu to finalize arrangements.

Meal Preparation

A typical Tent City 3 meal for 60-80 people meal consists of an entrée (including protein), a vegetable side, and a dessert.  You may want to prepare a single dish (soup, stew or casserole) that incorporates the protein and vegetable.

Milk and juice are good choices for drinks. Usually 2 gallons of milk and 4 large bottles of juice are sufficient.

Please bring food in disposable serving containers as well as paper plates, cups, napkins and plastic cutlery. If possible, bring containers for leftovers, such as Ziploc bags, takeout containers, or disposable foil pans. Many residents work odd shifts and will come in long after you leave. If there are leftovers, they will not go to waste.

If you find cooking for 80 daunting, a suggestion is to have 4-5 people each prepare a dish (the same or complimentary) that would feed 15-20 people. (The camp prefers some variety of dishes). This may be the only hot meal the residents will have, so please plan on generous portion sizes. You can also check out recipes for large groups from Ellen's Kitchen and Growlie's Big Recipe Box.

The meal and supplies should be delivered to the Tent City 3 reception tent by 6pm. SPU groups may be able to access on-campus kitchen space to cook or heat up food - contact TC3Meals@spu.edu to check kitchen availability.