Faculty Profile

Bomin Shim

Bomin Shim
(South Korea)

Associate Professor of Nursing

Email: shimb@spu.edu
Phone: 206-281-2731
Office: 6 Nickerson 221

Education: BSN, Inje University, 2001; MSN, Seoul National University, 2006; PhD, Duke University, 2011. At SPU since 2011.

Dr. Bomin Shim comes to Seattle Pacific University from Durham, North Carolina, where she received her PhD in Nursing at Duke University. She is originally from South Korea, and received her MSN in Gerontological Nursing from Seoul National University before moving to the US in 2006. She spent seven of her childhood years in Baton Rouge, Louisiana while her parents completed their PhDs, and loves and misses the Cajun food.

Dr. Shim’s primary teaching is in the Medical-Surgical theory and practicum courses. She also teaches Nursing Research. Her research focus has been in diabetes self-management of older adults and dementia caregiving, and has presented her work at regional and national conferences. Currently she is investigating character development in undergraduate nursing students.

​Selected publications

Davis, L.L., Chestnutt, D., Molloy, M., Deshefy-Longhi, T., Shim, B., & Gilliss, C.L. (2014). “Adapters, strugglers, and case managers: A typology of spouse caregivers.” Qualitative Health Research, 24(11), 1492–1500.

Shim, B., Barroso, J., Gilliss, C. L., & Davis, L. L. (2013). “Finding meaning in caring for a spouse with dementia.” Applied Nursing Research, 26(3), 121–26.

Shim, B., Barroso, J., & Davis, L.L. (2012). “A comparative qualitative analysis of stories of spousal caregivers of people with dementia: negative, ambivalent, and positive experiences.” International Journal of Nursing Students, 49(2), 220–29.

Shim, B., Landerman, L.R., & Davis, L. L. (2011). “Correlates of care relationship mutuality among carers of people with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.” Journal of Advanced Nursing, 67(8), 1729–38.

Song, M., Lee, M., & Shim, B. (2010). “Barriers to and facilitators of self-management adherence in Korean older adults with type 2 diabetes.” International Journal of Older People Nursing, 5(3), 211–18.

View Dr. Shim’s CV (PDF) for additional publications.

Bomin Shim instructing three undergraduate nursing students

Why I Teach at SPU

Bomin Shim, Associate Professor of Nursing

“I love teaching at SPU because I can journey with my students and colleagues, spiritually and holistically, person to person, as well as academically and intellectually. I cherish being a part of their lives, and love the moments we get to explore who or whose we are, not only what we do.”