This video is 1:53 minutes long and will explain why students need to do more than search in Google when performing research for papers and projects at SPU.


Step 1

 “Why Can’t I Just Use Google?” – 1:53 minutes


Step 2: Optional

Compare Google with a database from the SPU Library for scholarly research articles.

Do a Google search for "children and television violence."
Look at the top 10 results. How many come from scholarly/peer-reviewed journals?

Try the same search in a database such as PsycINFO.

Compare the first 10 results with what you got from Google.

Which results would be better for a college-level research paper? Try again with some other topic of your choice.


Step 3: Optional

Try Google Scholar. Choose Google Scholar off the SPU Library’s database list; you will get links to the full-text when available through the Library. Compare your results with those in a database from the SPU Library.


Step 4: Providing Feedback

Thank you for taking this 30-second survey to let us know if the information covered in these tutorials was relevant and helpful.