Your Academic Counselor

For information on how to connect with your Academic Counselor while we're working remotely, please visit the SAS Staff page here.

Although you'll want to check with your faculty advisor first with questions about advising or course planning, your academic counselor supports you and your academic goals in several ways. Counselors:

  • Evaluate your transfer credits from college transcripts and AP/IB/Cambridge International/CLEP scores to see which requirements the credits fulfill at SPU.
  • Advise you on academic policies in the catalog and how they apply to you.
  • Perform graduation checks (with your faculty advisor) to confirm remaining degree requirements, once you apply to graduate.
  • Process study away approvals, steering you through the necessary steps to take classes elsewhere and ensure those credits transfer back to SPU.
  • Oversee academic probation and academic warning meetings, where they explain probation and warning levels, connect you with campus resources, and help guide you back to academic success.
  • Post your degree, after reviewing your file to ensure all graduation requirements are met.

Make an appointment

First identify your academic counselor, and schedule an appointment using the process below:

You’ll then check in for your appointment in Demaray Hall 120 (counseling offices are housed with Undergraduate Admissions offices).

    Drop-in advising

    Twice a quarter, during registration week and the first week of each quarter, the Academic Counseling Team hosts drop-in appointments in the lobby of Demaray Hall to assist with urgent issues related to your class schedule and registration. 

    Drop-in times provide the only exception to scheduled appointments, and are not intended for  less urgent items such as long-term planning or graduation checks. For such issues, please make an appointment rather than using the drop-in hours.