Banner Tutorials

Accessing internet native Banner


  2. Select Internet Native Banner PROD. (PREPROD is for testing purposes only, and will not have up-to-date information.)
  3. Download J Initiator. (You will only need to do this once.)
    • When you select the PROD link, a yellow bar will appear that asks you to download activeX controls.
    • Click on the bar and allow it to download and follow the on screen instructions to install.
    • Once installation is complete it will load Internet Native Banner.
  4. Enter your username (same as webmail)
  5. Enter your password (can be created in MARS account in BanWeb)
  6. Connect

Note: Your Banner access only allows you to view the information; you will not be able to maintain or change the data.

Banner keystrokes and terms

Key Strokes

  • Shift + F7: to go to the top of the page.
  • F8: to process the query.
  • F9: to query.
  • F10: to save or submit a job query.
  • Shift + F3: to select your choice and bring you back to the original Banner Form.
  • Control + q: to quit.
  • Control + Page Down: to go down to another section of the page.
  • Options Menu: shows related Banner forms.

The “term” field in Banner is a 6-digit sequence. The first 5 digits refer to the academic year for which you are searching:

  • 20089X = 2008–2009 academic year
  • 19934X = 1993–1994 academic year
  • 20112X = 2011–2012 academic year

The last digit will refer to the quarter for which you are searching:

  • 0 = Summer
  • 1 = Autumn
  • 2 = Winter
  • 3 = Spring

Example: 200901 = Autumn Quarter of 2009–10

Class rosters and data

  • Student Information and Data
  • Faculty Data
  • Student Holds and Overrides


Banner PDF cheat sheet (PDF) (Download and print, if preferred.)

SAS staff directory

A full list of Student Academic Services staff — academic counselors, operations staff, and technical staff — in one convenient place.

Street signs

Faculty and administator forms

From the “Block Schedule Grid” to a “Time Schedule Change form,” and much more, find forms for faculty and administrators here.