Academic Catalog Updates

The Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs provide all information necessary for earning a degree. As such, they serve as the contracts between the University and SPU students, and it is essential that they are accurate.

Faculty and staff contribute to the catalogs' accuracy by updating courses, curricular information, and catalog narrative on an annual basis, according to the schedule below. Course and curricular change forms may be submitted through the Sharepoint system for the 2019-20 catalog as early as spring quarter 2018 and no later than the stated deadlines during autumn quarter 2018. These proposals will be reviewed and considered by the Curriculum Committee during autumn quarter. 

To determine whether or not the changes you are considering require approval or review by the Curriculum Committee, consult the Curricular Change chart in the Academic Policy Manual in the Gateway.

If you intend to revise the requirements for a minor, major, or graduate program, or if you intend to offer a new program, contact University Registrar Kenda Gatlin ( as soon as possible to discuss your plans. She can answer questions, foresee potential challenges, and make suggestions before you submit your formal proposal to the Curriculum Committee.

2019-20 Catalog schedule and deadlines

Sharepoint System begins accepting 2019-20 change requests Apr 2018
New programs and significant program revisions presented to Curriculum Committee Spring 2018
Catalog process overview meetings presented by SAS Sept 2018
Faculty and staff receive access to Sitecore for narrative revisions Sept 2018
Deadline for submitting course change forms in Sharepoint Oct 8, 2018
Deadline for submitting curricular change forms in Sharepoint Nov 5, 2018
Degree requirements sheets (paper) due in Student Academic Services Dec 17, 2018
Narrative updates for undergraduate academic areas due
Mar 1, 2019
Narrative updates for non-academic areas due for undergraduate and graduate catalogs
Mar 1, 2019
Narrative updates for graduate academic areas due
Apr 1, 2019
2019-20 SPU Undergraduate Catalog is published Apr 1, 2019
Suggested course sequence sheets for undergraduate majors due to SAS Apr 15, 2019
2019-20 SPU Graduate Catalog is published May 1, 2019

Course and curriculum change processes

Course information is the information specific to each course within your department. If you wish to create, revise, or eliminate a course, submit the Course Change Form in Sharepoint by the deadline listed above. Review the information in Course Processes if you have questions about how to complete the Course Change Form. Approved changes will go into effect in the 2019-20 catalog.

  • Note that changes to a course can result in curricular changes within a program as well. In such cases, complete and submit a separate Curricular Change Form in Sharepoint.
  • If your proposed course changes may impact the offerings or the students in another department or school, please complete a Cross-Curriculum Approval Form and attach it to your Course Change Form.

Curricular changes may involve new or existing programs. If you wish to create, revise, or eliminate a curricular area, submit the Curricular Change Form in Sharepoint by the deadline listed above.

A completed curricular change request template must be attached to the Curricular Change Form:

  • Note that changes to a curricular area can result in course changes within a program as well. In such cases, complete and submit a separate Course Change Form in Sharepoint by the deadline listed above.
  • If your proposed curricular changes may impact the offerings or the students in another department or school, please complete a Cross-Curriculum Approval Form and submit it with your Curricular Change Form.

Degree requirements

Degree Requirements pages list the courses required for a major, minor, or graduate program (example: Philosophy: Technical Track). Schools review their programs' requirements annually and submit changes on paper to the designated SAS staff member by the deadline noted above. SAS makes the requested changes for you in Banner and submits updated degree requirements for your review prior to catalog publication.

Catalog narrative

Your department’s catalog narrative copy includes the following:

  • List of faculty members (pulled from Banner).
  • A brief description of the program.
  • Admission information to major and/or minor in the program(s).

You or someone in your department will make revisions to narrative information through the content management system called Sitecore. In September, the program chair and administrative assistant will receive Sitecore access to make any and all necessary changes.

After the pertinent narrative deadline in the chart above, you and your department will no longer have access to the content management system, Sitecore, to make additional edits. Student Academic Services and University Communications review all the catalog pages for accuracy, typos, and consistency. Your department will be contacted if there are questions about your narrative text.

Suggested Course Sequences

Suggested course sequence sheets, housed on a separate website but accessible through the department pages in the catalog, provide guidance to undergraduate students and their advisors. They are particularly helpful for new student advising during the summer months.

SAS requests updated suggested course sequences from departments on an annual basis to ensure that these forms reflect changes in major requirements and in course scheduling.

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Catalog/Time Schedule

Need to know when a course is scheduled? Need info about a major or program? Find the answers in the Catalog and Time Schedule.

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