Registration Permissions

Courses may be set up where faculty or department permission must be obtained by the student prior to registering for a course.

Faculty or administrative assistants can enter the permission override into the Banner Information System, which allows the student to then register online.

Entering a registration override

  • Log into Banner.
  • Click on “Faculty and Advisor Menu.”
  • Click on “Registration Overrides.”
  • Enter the student’s SPU ID number.
  • Verify student selection by clicking “Submit.”
  • Select the appropriate override and course (see below for explanation of different overrides).
  • Submit changes.

You have now entered an override for the student. The student must now register online through their own Banner account.

Codes and overrides


Overrides special approval requirements, such as instructor permission.


Overrides restrictions, such as major, level (nonmatriculated, as opposed to graduate) and program.


Overrides the prerequisite requirement. Be sure to enter the course reference number (CRN) for which the student wants to register, not the actual prerequisite the student has not completed.


Overrides a time conflict.


Overrides the need for the student to register for the corequisite of a course.

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