FAQ: Music Students Registration

If you are listed in Banner as a Music major or minor, or you are an intended Music major or minor, you are most likely required to register for courses that involve auditions. Sometimes the number of choirs, ensembles, or individual instruction courses for which you must register will take you over the 18- credit limit.

These tips from SAS will help you register for these courses and help preent making registration mistakes that may result in you needing to petition for a late-registration change. Petitions are subject to a $50 fee, and we would love to help you avoid those.

My choir/ensemble/lessons instructor told me I was approved to take the course. Will they register me?

No. Your instructor will never register you for a course, nor will the Music Department. They will enter a permission in Banner that allows you to register for the course, if needed.

For courses that require an audition, a permission (override) must be input into Banner so you won’t encounter a registration error when you try to add it to your schedule.

How do I know if the instructor or Music Department has given me a permission (override) to register for a course that required an audition?

View your registration permissions/overrides in Banner.

From the Student Menu in Banner, go to Student Menu > Registration and Class Schedules Menu > Class Registration Planning > Prepare for Registration to view any overrides that have been entered on your behalf.

Registering for my choir/ensemble/lessons will take me over 18-credit maximum limit. Can I register for more than 18 credits?

Music majors and intended majors may register for choir and ensemble credits, as free overload credits (no extra tuition charge) on their registration. However, you must submit a credit overload request through your Banner account. 

To access the credit overload request go to Student Menu > Registration and Class Schedules Menu > Credit Overload Request

If you meet the necessary criteria, the Registration Office will raise your credit limit, send you confirmation and then you will be able to register for the additional credits. 

While choir and ensemble credits are free overload, individual instruction credits are not free overload. You may still go over your max number of credits, due to individual instruction, up to 20 credits, but you will be charged for overload credits (Visit Student Financial Services’ Costs page for the current cost per credit).

I see 2000-level and 4000-level versions of choirs and ensembles. Which do I register for?

  • For choirs and ensembles, register for the 2000-level courses if you are a freshman or sophomore.
  • If you are a junior or senior, register for the 4000-level versions.
  • For individual instruction courses, for the 4000-level courses only after you receive special permission, following a “jury up” process.

I must audition for my courses, so can’t register by the fifth day of the quarter. Can I register late?

Choirs, ensembles, individual instruction, and theatre practicum credits have an extended deadline to register — the 10th day of the quarter by 11:59 p.m., online. In-office registration closes by 4:30 p.m. on the 10th day of the quarter.

How do I change my individual instruction from 1 credit to 2 credits?

Some courses allow students the option of choosing the number of how many credits for which they take a course. When a student registers for a variable-credit course, Banner automatically defaults to the lowest number of credits available.

To change the number of credits:

  • Go to Banner > Student Menu > Registration and Class Schedules Menu > Class Registration and Planning > Register for Classes.
  • Choose the Schedule and Options tab at the top of the page under Register for Classes.

This will bring up your registered courses. Under the “Credit Hours” column, courses with variable credit will have the credit number underlined.

  • Click on the number of credits to enter the desired number of credits and then press enter.
  • Click Submit to save your changes at the bottom right of the page.
  • Return to your course summary to verify that your credit change saved to your registration.

What if I miss all the deadlines, or realize a mistake on my registration after the registration deadlines?

If you must make changes to your registration after the registration deadlines have passed, you must complete this Registration Petition. The petition will be reviewed by the Petition Committee, and is subject to a $50 change of registration fee.

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