Filling Out the Study Away Form

Carefully read the Application for Studying Away (PDF) and complete each section. Any incomplete forms will not be evaluated or approved by your academic counselor, so make sure to be thorough. As you’re filling out the form, see below for some specific explanations.

  • Include the full name of the college or university where you’ll be taking classes.
  • Specify which quarter(s) you be studying away (Autumn, Winter, Spring quarters, or Summer Session) according to SPU’s quarter calendar. Be aware that the calendar of your host institution may use a semester calendar, which could possibly overlap with more than one SPU quarter.
  • Regarding the question “Do you plan to take classes at SPU and another institution at the same time?”: Unless you’re taking classes during one of the Summer Sessions, or you have explicit permission from your academic counselor, you should always select “No.”
  • When listing the course(s) you will take away from SPU, list the course subject, number, and title. For example, a student taking an art course may write, “ART 101 Introduction to Art.”
  • Next to the course titles, you will write the number of credits you’ll receive from your host institution for each of your classes. If you’ll take classes from a semester-based school (or a school on any other type of academic calendar), this will be different from the quarter credit amounts you’re used to at SPU.*
  • In the section to be completed by your advisors, your faculty advisor will indicate any approved course equivalency or substitution as it relates to your major, while your academic counselor will approve the fulfillment of a General Education requirement. They will list the number of credits you’ll receive once your course transfers back to SPU.
  • Your faculty advisor must sign your form if any of the classes you’re taking will be applied toward major or minor requirements at SPU. If you’re unable to meet in person with your faculty advisor to obtain a signature, you may include a printed email of approval.
  • You must submit your completed form to the front desk of Student Academic Services (Demaray Hall 151). It will be routed to your academic counselor for their final approval and signature, at which point you, your faculty advisor and Student Financial Services will receive an official approval email confirming your plan to study away.

*Semester credits equate to quarter credits at a ratio of 1:1.5. For example, you’ll receive 4.5 quarter credits for every 3-credit semester course you complete. While most classes that transfer as 4.5 credits will fulfill 5-credit requirements, you are responsible for making sure you meet all minimum credit requirements in your major, minor, and general education.

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