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Our Values

  •  Advocating for students and directing them to resources
  • Collaboratively supporting students in their educational goals
  • Constantly evaluating and refining processes to ensure students are treated fairly and equitably
  • Consulting with decision makers about student data
  • Creating accurate and useable student data for reporting and records
  • Delivering clear and effective information to Continuing Education students and supporting them in meeting their educational goals
  • Investing in the professional development and morale of our SAS staff
  • Maintaining accurate academic records
  • Offering Business process improvement and ease of access through technology (new features, upgrades, etc.)
  • Producing and maintaining trustworthy sources of information
  • Providing timely and effective communication regarding academic processes and policies
  • Supporting faculty in their relationships with students
  • Teaching and empowering students to manage their educational goals
  • Training the campus community on the effective use of Banner and other student resources