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Student Financial Services

From the Director

Jordan Grant

From the time I attended a very small high school on the Oregon coast, I knew that college could be important, perhaps even life-changing. I just didn’t know how to make it happen.

So yes, financial aid was a big deal in the life of a small-town 17-year-old. Because up to that moment, I had thought my future was perhaps working in the local lumber mill. Although that was an honest, respectable job, I wanted to explore other possibilities.

College would be my way to a different life, and that financial aid letter promised to open new doors.

I’ve never forgotten how that moment, opening that aid letter, influenced what I do and who I am today. Because of it, I bring a different, profoundly grateful perspective to work. It’s a perspective I still want to pass along, wherever I go.

For people like me, and for others with even greater challenges, finances for a college education give us the opportunity to become fully what God intends. That’s why our SFS team works so hard to design a financial assistance package specifically for you — so you’re able to reach for your goals at SPU … and beyond.

Jordan Grant
Assistant VP for Enrollment Operations and Student Financial Services

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