Before Loan Repayment

Repayment of your student loans is a serious legal obligation. It is important that you understand your rights and complete your responsibilities.

The topics below will help you prepare for their successful repayment, primarily for repayment of Direct, FFEL Stafford, Graduate PLUS, Perkins, Nursing, and SPU Institutional loans.

Parent PLUS Loan repayment information may be obtained from the loan servicer and on Contact your lender for private loan repayment information.

Review terms and conditions of your loans

Important information about your loan(s) is available in these locations:

  • On your promissory note(s)
  • In your entrance and exit counseling
  • In resources provided by your loan servicer(s)
  • At

Loan servicers handle the billing and records for your loans, and you will send payments to the servicer. You might have more than one loan servicer. All loans are reported to the national credit bureaus; reviewing your credit report may also be helpful.

Student Financial Services may also be contacted for assistance.

For Direct, FFEL Stafford and PLUS loans, contact your loan servicer(s) for copies of your promissory notes. For copies of your promissory notes for Perkins, Nursing, and SPU institutional loans, contact Student Financial Services.

Complete exit counseling requirements

Before graduation, or shortly after you withdraw or drop to less than half-time enrollment, exit counseling information will be provided. Review exit counseling information.

Grace period

Following your last day of half-time or greater enrollment, your loan will enter a grace period prior to repayment. The length of the grace period varies by the loan type. Find out more.

Keep your contact information current

You must respond quickly to any communication you receive regarding your loan(s) until paid in full. Immediately report any of the following changes to each of your loan servicers online or by phone. Updating your address with the post office or with SPU does not update this information with your loan servicer(s).

Name change (documentation required)
Address change
Phone number change
Email changes

Utilizing electronic billing (e-billing) options offered by your loan servicer(s) may also be helpful.

  • Direct, FFEL Stafford, PLUS and alternative loan updates need to be submitted to each loan servicer. Loan servicers may provide online resources for updating information.
  • Perkins, Nursing, and SPU Institutional Loan borrowers may update information at Heartland ECSI, or contact Student Financial Services for assistance.


  • Direct, FFEL Stafford and PLUS loan servicer information is provided in your federal loan records on the National Student Loan Data System or you may call the Department of Education Student Aid Help Line at 1-800-433-3243.
  • Perkins, Nursing and SPU Institutional loans awarded by Seattle Pacific University are serviced by Campus Partners. Student Financial Services may also be contacted for assistance.
  • Alternative (private) loan servicing and repayment information is available from your alternative loan lender(s) or the loan servicer(s).

If you have trouble with loan payments or have any questions, don’t wait — contact your loan servicer immediately.

Fact sheets

If you have Perkins, Nursing, and/or SPU Institutional loans, review these fact sheets:

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