Revisions to Your Offer of Financial Assistance

Due to various circumstances, your offer of financial assistance may change after your initial award.

An adjustment to the amount and/or types of financial aid in your initial offer may result from one or more of the following situations:

  • Additional resources, such as scholarships from non-SPU agencies or employer/government assistance, are received.
  • Your cost of attendance changes due to credit load, where you are living, or documentation of unique circumstances.
  • Your eligibility changes based on new information such as verified income or assets.
  • You request to cancel or reduce some or all of your aid, such as loans.

If you are aware of changes in circumstance, housing arrangements, credit load, receipt of additional resources, or if you wish to change your award, you are required to notify SFS immediately.

Forms for revisions to financial aid are available online (look for the Financial Aid Revision Request Form or the Loan Reduction or Cancellation Request) and in the SFS office. We will process changes based on eligibility and funding. Notification of all revisions will be sent to your SPU email account.

Federal and state regulations prohibit institutions from awarding any student more than his or her documented need or cost of attendance. Therefore, any changes in your resources or costs may result in a necessary change to your financial aid award.

Additionally, SPU and the Washington Student Achievement Council reserve the right to change, reduce, modify, or cancel any financial aid due to limited funding or information that affects your eligibility.