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Student Financial Services

Ben Madlena

Ben Madlena was always interested in managing money wisely. In fact, he wanted to become a financial analyst someday, and by the time he finished two years at a community college, he had a wide knowledge of money management. So when choosing a school to transfer to, he didn’t take the decision lightly.

Ben Madlena

On a visit to Seattle Pacific, Ben met with a Student Financial Services counselor. “Public schools might look cheaper, but when we crunched the numbers, the out-of-pocket cost was similar to SPU,” he says. Ben’s counselor worked with him to develop a plan that would make paying for college — with manageable loan payments — possible.

Today, Ben — a finance major — will graduate in 2019 and is on track to work as a financial analyst before starting his own company. “SPU is giving me a solid set of skills, and I already have internship opportunities lined up,” he says. “I invested financially in SPU, and that investment is already paying off.”

Ben’s advice to students? Look at what SPU offers and don’t fear the initial price tag. “Get your FAFSA done early and investigate your scholarship, grant, and loan options,” he says. “Then, apply to work study jobs. You can make it happen.”

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