Reimbursement Program/Third-Party Billing

Documentation confirming enrollment in an employer reimbursement program or third-party billing is required and allows tuition deferment for up to approximately 30 days after the quarter ends. If a third party is involved, SFS will bill the third party directly after receiving the appropriate documents — such as purchase order, authorization to bill, invoice request, and voucher. All other fees and charges are due when billed.

For the employer reimbursement program, Student Financial Services will defer the amount the employer will cover after receiving the SPU Employer Reimbursement form and related documentation.

For Americorps funding, please visit Americorps and create a profile and voucher.

Boeing Tuition Voucher Program

If you participate in the Boeing Tuition Voucher program, your eligibility is subject to approval by The Boeing Company. Submit your Boeing voucher to SFS, and SFS will bill Boeing directly. You will be responsible to pay for charges not covered by the Boeing voucher.

Once the process has been completed, the approved tuition and fees will be paid on your student account. You will continue to receive monthly statements if you incur charges not covered by Boeing.

For questions about the Reimbursement Program/Third Party Billing, contact Student Financial Services by calling 206-281-2061 or emailing