Falcon Bound

Did you apply for Washington state's College Bound program while in middle school? If so, you may be eligible for the Falcon Bound Commitment — and have 100 percent of your SPU tuition covered up to four years or through senior class level status (whichever comes first). Just apply for admission and submit your FAFSA to be automatically considered.

What Falcon Bound students receive

  • Full tuition, covered by federal, state, and SPU grant and scholarship aid (up to 18 credits per quarter)
  • Commitment to cover your tuition for up to four years (through senior class level status - whichever comes first)
  • Other traditional SPU aid resources to help cover room and board, as well as books (e.g., work study, loans)
  • Apply to SPU for free by using code SPUgift.

Falcon Bound Eligibility

  • Be eligible for the College Bound Scholarship Program
  • Achieve either a 1220 or higher score on the SAT, 25 or higher composite score on the ACT, or have a cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Be enrolled full time (12-18 credits)
  • Maintain College Bound eligibility and satisfactory academic progress while attending SPU
  • Submit the FAFSA or WASFA for eligibility.


Call 206-281-2021 or 800-366-3344 or email admissions@spu.edu

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