We at Seattle Pacific know that this year has been filled with unexpected challenges and uncertainty for many of our students. We have also been looking for new ways to make completing a Seattle Pacific education more affordable and less stressful for our student body.

That’s why we are offering a free course to current SPU undergraduate students.

As a current undergraduate student at SPU, you can take an undergraduate or graduate course of your choice for free after continuously enrolling and graduating from SPU. This will allow you to take extra time to complete a required course, take a course you dreamed of but didn’t have time to fit in, or get a head start on your graduate studies at SPU.

What current students will receive

One free undergraduate or graduate course (up to five credits) of the student’s choosing, taken after graduation. This course could be:

  • A course in their major that the student did not get to take during their undergraduate years
  • An additional undergraduate course that gives the student extra preparation for job opportunities or further schooling
  • A graduate-level course to help the student get started on an SPU certificate or master’s program

The student can apply their free course credit to an undergraduate course within one year after the students’ graduation

The student can apply their free course credit to a graduate course within three years after the students’ graduation


Current SPU students who:

  • Are enrolled for the 2020–21 academic year
  • Maintain continual enrollment at SPU from autumn 2020 through their graduation
  • Graduate from SPU


Email us or call 206-281-2061.