Meet Kat

Admissions job: My role is to help guide you while you apply for colleges, and to be your cheerleader and support along the way.

Hometown: Los Angeles, California, or more specifically, Granada Hills.

Education: I attended Heritage Christian School for high school and attended Seattle Pacific for college. Go Falcons!

Favorite Seattle Restaurant: Agua Verde. They have great fish tacos and are located on the water, which makes for a great background for dinner.

A trip I’d like to take: Backpacking through the Swiss Alps with my husband.

Favorite TV Show: Brooklyn 99. NINE NINE!

Favorite thing about SPU: The community at SPU is hard to beat. Also, how beautiful campus becomes when all the leaves change in the fall.

Hobbies & Fun Facts: I love hiking and backpacking. Washington has some of the best trails in the world!