Erik Gustavo Birrueta

Meet Erik

Admissions job: I recruit students from different areas to SPU, review applications, and reply to student inquiries.

Hometown: Sunnyside, WA

Education: Graduate of Sunnyside Senior High School and an Alum of the University of Washington

Favorite Seattle Restaurant: Kamakura Japanese Restaurant

A trip I’d like to take: Japan, Mexico, Scotland, Ireland, Amsterdam, Iceland, Greenland, Africa, Egypt, Portugal, Spain, Italy, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Austria, Germany, Romania, Georgia, Russia, Canada, Alaska, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Jordan, Israel, Greece, Saudi Arabia, China, India, Vietnam, South Korea, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, New York, and Louisiana.

Family: Mom, Dad, younger brother and two younger sisters.

Books reading now: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. Also, The Bible by God

Favorite Movie: Spider-man (Tobey Maguire)

Favorite thing about SPU: The community, everyone makes me feel welcome and at home. 

Where did you attend college? I attended the University of Washington.

Graduation Year: 2022

Major: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Hobbies & Fun Facts: I love to binge watch shows and plan fun hiking trips.