Meet Luke

Admissions job: As an admissions counselor, I meet with high school students to help provide them with what they need in their journey to higher education. Through college fairs, visiting high schools, and getting coffee with students, think of me as the Google search engine of SPU. If I don’t know the answer to a specific SPU question, I will know who to connect you with.

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Education: Homeschooled through high school; Seattle Pacific University (BA, Christian Theology- Educational Ministries)

Favorite Seattle Restaurant: Portage Bay. Best place in Seattle for brunch!

A trip I’d like to take: I would love to go to Scotland and explore castles. Maybe learn to play the bagpipes!

Family: I have family in Vancouver, WA, Minnesota, and Northern CA. My wife and I live right next to the SPU soccer stadium.

Books reading now: I love sci/fi fantasy. Anything by Brandon Sanderson is great. I’m currently reading The Traitor Baru Cormorant and Oathbringer

Favorite Movie: I am a big Marvel guy! I cried multiple times at Avengers: Endgame. My office’s décor theme is Marvel and one of my favorite items proudly displayed above my desk is Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir!

Hobbies & Fun Facts: I love sports. Spikeball, ultimate Frisbee, and soccer. I am a diehard Portland Timbers fan. One of my favorite times of the year is when the Timbers come to Seattle for the Portland-Seattle Derby!

My favorite board game store is right up the street from campus which is dangerous for my wallet. Recent favorites are Keyforge, Betrayal at the House on the Hill, and Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective.

Favorite thing about SPU: I loved the on-campus experience when I was a student at SPU. There was always something fun to do! Whether chilling in the dorms, playing video games or board games, playing ultimate Frisbee down at Royal Brougham, or exploring the neighborhoods surrounding our campus, I love how involved you can get through the many opportunities our campus provides.