Erica Largent

Meet Erica

Admissions job: My job is to help you navigate the world of university applications, and help you imagine yourself in your future college life!

Hometown: Not sure! I grew up in multiple cities/countries and never know how to answer this question.

Education: International School of the Sacred Heart (Tokyo) for high school, University of Washington for my bachelor's degree.

Major: Communication

Favorite Seattle Restaurant: The Whale Wins, Taste of Xi’An, and Café Turko

A trip I’d like to take: Iceland! Or Peru. Or Turkey…

Family: My parents and sister/brother-in-law are all here in Seattle. I have extended family in the PNW and Taiwan, where my mother is from.

Books reading now: I just finished “The Design of Everyday Things” by Don Norman and am starting “Dare to Lead” (Brene Brown) and “Girl in Translation” (Jean Kwok).

Favorite Movie: Lilo and Stitch

Favorite thing about SPU: The people are friendly and have deep hearts. Also, the Eaton Hall greenhouse is a great space to just sit and breathe! 

Hobbies & Fun Facts: I enjoy playing tennis, skiing, cooking, reading, playing music (piano and voice), and exploring the world around me as much as possible!