Meet Vise


Admissions job: My job as a transfer admissions counselor is to help transfer students navigate their calling to Seattle Pacific University. I simply provide you with the resources to make your journey here a little easier.

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Education: BA in Sociology at San Francisco State University

Favorite Seattle Restaurant: Young's Restaurant

A trip I’d like to take: Traveling across the International Date Line to both Samoan islands, so I can celebrate my birthday twice. (Once I accomplish this, it’s going to become tradition.)

Family: Too many to count, so I won’t.

Favorite Movie: Sound of Music

Favorite thing about SPU: The atmosphere. Having worked previously in a public university, I began to feel like a cog in a machine. At SPU, the level of support and encouragement is unmatched. My humanity is affirmed and welcomed. I love it here.

Advice for high school/transfer students: Proverbs 16:27. n summary, be proactive about your life! Enjoy this time of growth, allow courage to motivate you, and be receptive to the calling on your life. Do not waste your time.

Hobbies & Fun Facts: I love saving money, and I love to travel. So naturally, my favorite thing to do is low-budget travel! Cheap flights and hotels make my heart melt. I also enjoy singing karaoke, watching Broadway musicals, going to football games, and spending lots of quality time with my ginormous family.