Meet Sarah

Hometown: Port of Spain, Trinidad

Education: Liberty University (Undergraduate in Music & Worship Leadership)

Favorite Seattle Restaurant: Tacos Chukis

A trip I’d like to take: India

Family: Me and my amazing husband, Zach. I also have family in Virginia, Florida and overseas.

Favorite book I read in college: I honestly can’t pick one book but…it would be a combination of my vocal and music theory books that I still have from college. Those were my favorite classes.

Favorite Movie: Hot Rod and La La Land.

Favorite thing about SPU: I love that SPU has a small community. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly.

Hobbies & Fun Facts: I love music. I spend a lot of my time playing music with my husband and finding new bands on Spotify. I also enjoy traveling, eating at different restaurants, and going to concerts or summer music festivals.