Meet Stephen

Admissions job (in your own words): As a Transfer Admissions Counselor, I hope to support students in their various transitions surrounding academic, career, institutional, and/or life changes. I believe sharing accurate information and authentic stories from current and former SPU students is the primary way to support prospective students in this pivotal decision. I enjoy hearing students’ stories and want to support students while determining their own sense of belonging and fit at SPU. Transfer students are awesome and have much to offer our community!

Hometown: Tigard, Oregon

Education: Seattle Pacific University (BA, History)

Favorite place in Seattle: Blue Moon Burgers (now in West Seattle). Half-price burgers on Wednesdays was hard to pass up in college!

A trip I’d like to take: I’d love to go to another country and run a marathon. I also would love to return to Israel (a trip I took in 2013) and explore the area more.

Family: My wife Charissa and I welcomed our first baby in 2020, so it’s currently us, Hadley, and our dog Milo. I’m originally from Oregon but worked in Pennsylvania and Colorado before returning to Washington. The rest of our family is primarily located in the Pacific Northwest, but we have some family in other pockets of the US.

Books reading now: I love reading, although our bookshelf is already at max capacity. I’ve been listening to the Harry Potter series on audiobook (currently on The Half-Blood Prince) as well as working through Brandon Sanderson’s book The Way of Kings.

Favorite movie: I’m a fan of Star WarsLord of the Rings, and Marvel movies. Coincidentally, I find myself more into TV/streaming series these days and grew up on The Office. Shout out to The Mandalorian and WandaVision right now!

Hobbies & Fun Facts: I grew up playing sports and ran at SPU, so I enjoy being active, including basketball, running, biking, hiking, walking our dog, etc. Other hobbies include board games, video games, watching sports, reading, and spending time with my family.

Favorite thing about SPU: I learned so much about myself and those around me by engaging with the tight-knit community at SPU! I found my primary community through running cross country and track and field. Although I only ran for a few seasons, I appreciate how the relationships and discipline influenced the rest of my experience at SPU. Beyond athletics, I connected through student leadership positions and meeting people in my classes. I would encourage you to find ways to get involved and connected on campus, because there are some amazing, high-caliber people on campus, including staff and faculty.

Advice for high school/transfer students: “Making a decision was only the beginning of things. When someone makes a decision, [they are] really diving into a strong current that will carry [them] to places [they] had never dreamed of when [they] first made the decision.” ­—The Alchemist