Meet the Assistant Vice President: Ineliz Soto-Fuller

This is where it all begins ...

At Seattle Pacific, we talk about graduating people of competence and character — young men and women who are “engaging the culture, changing the world.”

When I first meet prospective students, I can tell they want to make a difference. They want to impact our world; they just need direction on how.

Then these students experience what it’s like to be a Falcon. In SPU’s rich academic environment, they develop a passion for excellence and a fearless curiosity. Our urban setting provides them with opportunities to learn outside of just a traditional classroom. In our multicultural and complex world, students experience faith and spiritual growth in new and transformative ways.

Reconnecting with graduates is something I love and something I did during SPU’s annual Christmas celebration, Tradition. One is now in graduate school on the East Coast, one works for a local nonprofit, and another has graduated law school and passed the bar exam in two states. All of them are from first generation backgrounds, and they’re all achieving great success.

Walking around campus, we reminisced about their time as students, the joys, the challenges, and the impact SPU had on their lives. (As we ate Christmas cookies and took pictures with Santa. It is Tradition, after all.)

Allof these graduates have embraced their stories and found a way to make a difference in our world. If this is the type of college experience you are looking for, I want to invite you to come visit SPU and see it for yourself. 

Ineliz Soto-Fuller
Assistant Vice President of Undergraduate Admissions