UFDN 3100: Christian Theology (2021-2022)

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Studies the basic doctrines and practices of historic Christianity, such as the being, attributes, and workings of the Triune God; the nature, fallenness, and redemption of human beings; the character and mission of the church; the disciplines and duties of personal faith; and the hope for "last things." Attention will be given to major formative events and key persons in the history of the church that have helped to shape what Christians believe and how they live. Some sections of this course may be taught in Spanish.

Term CRN Credits Instructor(s) Days Time Dates Location Open
Summer 60128 5 Matt Sigler
Dave Nienhuis
10:00AM-2:30 PM
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Restrictions: Junior, Post-Baccalaureate, Senior students only.
Attributes: Upper-Division
Grade Modes: (Default) Normal Grading, Audit
Instructional Methods: Online
Note: Summer Part F

UFDN 2000: D or better
OR (UFDN 3001: D or better
OR SPCC LFDN2: D or better
OR SPCC UFDN2: D or better
OR SPF LDF2: D or better
OR SPF UDF2: D or better)