PSY 2360: Introduction to Statistics in Social and Behavioral Sciences (2023-2024)

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Presents an introduction to data analysis and research in social and behavioral science. Explores, at an introductory level, descriptive and inferential statistics (e.g., correlation, regression, hypothesis testing, chi-square, experimental / ANOVA analyses) and research applications of those techniques. An emphasis is placed on analysis and handling of real data, processes of discovery in social and behavioral science, understanding published research, and developing professional skills with statistical software.

Term CRN Credits Instructor(s) Days Time Dates Location Open
Summer 60535 5 Baine Craft
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Equivalent: CRIM 2360, SOC 2360
Crosslisted with: CRIM 2360 CRN: 60571, SOC 2360 CRN: 60570
Attributes: WK Quantitative Reasoning
Grade Modes: (Default) Normal Grading
Instructional Methods: Online
Note: Full Term