EE 1210: Introduction to Logic System Design (2018-2019)

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Introduction to digital logic design including combinational and sequential logic design with Computer Aided Design (CAD) using VHDL hardware description language. Combinational logic covers truth tables, Boolean algebra, logic gates, circuit minimization, logic maps, multiplexers, decoders, encoders, programmable logic and memories, and more. Sequential logic covers latches, flip-flops, clocks, registers, counters, finite state machines, CPLDs and FPGAs. Emphasis is placed on design techniques. Laboratory exercises include designs using both discrete gates and FPGAs.

Term CRN Credits Instructor(s) Days Time Dates Location Open
Autumn 11161 5 Kevin Bolding
Final: Tu
11:00AM-12:20 PM
10:30AM-12:30 PM
Otto Miller Hall 225
Otto Miller Hall 225
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Fees: $50
Grade Modes: (Default) Normal Grading, Audit, Pass/No Credit
Instructional Methods: Traditional
Note: Full Term