Campus Council

Carlene Brown
Faculty Chair

Jason Chivers
Director of Graduate Admissions

Dave Church
Assistant Vice President for Facility Management

Alison Estep 
Assistant Vice President for University Communications

Brian Ficken
Director, Seattle Pacific Foundation

Jose Flores
ASSP President

Amy Foster
Assistant Athletic Director for Business and Operations

Kenda Gatlin
University Registrar

Jobe Korb-Nice
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Marketing and Admissions

Jennifer LaBrie
Director of Development Research and Information Strategy

Tammy Lee
Interim Director, Institutional Effectiveness

Bo Lim
Associate Professor of Old Testament

Cheryl Michaels
Associate Director of Safety and Security

Nyaradzo Mvududu
Dean, School of Education

Melani Plett
Professor of Electrical Engineering

Kelsey Rorem
Associate Chaplain, University Ministries

Andrew Ryder
Director of General Education and Undergraduate Curriculum

Ineliz Soto-Fuller
Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Ross Stewart
Dean, School of Business, Government, and Economics

Chuck Strawn
Dean of Students for Community Life

Alissa Walter
Associate Professor of History

Hannah Waterman
ASSP Executive Vice President

Gina Whitehouse
Staff Council President