University Advisory Council

Ruth Adams
Associate Vice President of Academic Support

Daniel Anderson
Commuter Student Representative

Dave Church
Assistant Vice President for Facility Management

Bruce Congdon
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Science Division

Lynn Ernsting 
Staff Council President 

John Glancy
Director of the University Anniversary Celebration

Jordan Grant
Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Enrollment Management

Tali Hairston
Director of the John Perkins Center

John Jarman
President of ASSP

Dale Kegley
Interim Co-director of University Communications; SPU Art Director

Jeffrey Keuss
Chair of Faculty Council

Jobe Korb-Nice
Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Bo Lim
Interim University Chaplain

Maribeth Martin
Development Officer

Rob McKenna
Chair of Graduate Council

Erin O’Connell
Director of Athletics

Michael Paulus
University Librarian

Cindy Price
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Jacqui Smith-Bates
Dean of Student Learning Support Services

Doug Strong
Dean of the School of Theology

Dave Tindall
Assistant Vice President for Computer and Information Systems

Janet Ward
Associate Vice President for Information and Data Management

Steve Whitehouse

Gary Womelsduff
Director of Human Resources