Meet the Associate Provost: Margaret Shenk

Get to know Seattle Pacific University’s Associate Provost for Graduate and Professional Programs.

In addition to its strong liberal arts undergraduate programs, as a “Best National University,” Seattle Pacific University boasts an array of offerings at the graduate level, including 31 master’s degree programs and five doctoral programs. These programs and their faculty are dedicated to developing professionals of competence and character, and to producing high quality, nationally and internationally recognized research.

In my role as the associate provost for graduate and professional programs, I am honored to bring leadership that spans 36 programs across six schools offering graduate and professional degrees: The College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business, Government, and Economics, the School of Education, the School of Health Sciences, the School of Psychology, Family, and Community, and the School of Theology. My position involves collaboration with senior and academic leadership to determine strategic priorities; assisting in the development of new programs; identifying and providing resources and services for students; developing and implementing policy; and increasing the visibility of graduate and professional programs on campus and in the broader community.

Our philosophy of graduate education is consistent with the wider SPU mission to engage the culture and change the world, through the training and development of skilled, knowledgeable, ethical, compassionate, credentialed professionals who transform their workplaces and their communities for the better. I invite you to a journey of lifelong learning at SPU through our graduate and professional degree programs, and our Continuing and Professional Education offerings.

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About Margaret Shenk

Dr. Margaret Shenk has been at Seattle Pacific University since 2002. She received her PhD, MS, and BS in psychology from the University of Washington. She is a professor of psychology with research interests in service learning, prosocial behavior, and social power dynamics. Prior to her appointment as the associate provost for graduate and professional programs, she spent four years mentoring the professional development and scholarship of SPU’s faculty in her role as the associate provost for faculty life.