Graduate Cap, Gown, and Hood

SPU graduate students sit wearing full academic regalia -- including caps, gowns, and hoods -- as they participate in Graduate Commencement Ceremony.


Regalia (caps, gowns, and hoods) is required for participation in the Graduate Hooding and Graduate Commencement ceremonies. All gowns are black, and hood and tassel colors depend upon your degree.


You will need to purchase your cap, gown, and tassel online through Herff Jones by Monday, March 7. If your order is placed by March 7, your regalia will be ready to pick up at Grad Fest on Tuesday, April 12 and Wednesday, April 13. If you do not purchase your regalia by March 7, you will be able to purchase it at the SPU Bookstore at a higher price point.

If you would like to order a hood and/or tassel only, without cap and gown (i.e. you are borrowing a black cap and master’s or doctoral gown from a friend), they will be available for individual purchase at Grad Fest on April 12 – 13, and thereafter at the Bookstore.

If you cannot pick up your regalia from the Bookstore before Commencement, you can make arrangements with the Bookstore to have it mailed to you, at an extra cost.

FOR DOCTORAL GRADUATES ONLY: If you are or will be employed in an academic environment where you will need to wear regalia on an annual basis, you may want to consider purchasing higher quality, custom doctoral robes. There will be a Herff-Jones representative at Grad Fest, on April 12–13, to assist you with the ordering process. Or, you may contact our Herff Jones rep directly to order in advance of Grad Fest. (If you are ordering custom robes, the order-by date of March 7 mentioned above does not apply to you.)

If you have any issues or questions associated with ordering regalia, please contact the Bookstore at 206-281-2137 or


You can order announcements, diploma frames, and class rings through the Herff Jones website. Diploma frames are also available in the SPU Bookstore.


As a master’s and doctoral graduate, you will wear your tassel on the left side of your cap or tam.

Remember to wear comfortable footwear, as you will be on your feet quite a bit. Note that the Graduate Commencement ceremony is outside, so please plan your clothing and footwear accordingly.