2022 Ivy Cutting Speaker



Robert R. Drovdahl, PhD

Bob Drovdahl is both an SPU Alum and a recent Emeritus Professor of Educational Ministry. In his decades at Seattle Pacific, Bob has been a 4.0 undergraduate student, a member of the wrestling team, the director of Camp Casey, a professor, a member and a chair of numerous faculty committees, an acting dean, and an associate dean.

He received the President's Award for Excellence and Faculty Service Award, and was named Top Prof by Ivy Honorary and Advisor of the Year. His service as a longstanding member and past president of the National Association of Professors of Christian Education testifies to his leadership in the discipline.

Recently Bob could be found on the pickleball courts with faculty and staff he recruited, or leading a weekly student bible study on the Psalms. Bob will be spending his retirement traveling with his wife, and enjoying time with his two grown children and five grandchildren.