Virtual Commencement Celebrations

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Welcome graduates, family members, and loved ones! On behalf of Seattle Pacific University — faculty, staff, and administrators — we are thrilled to have the opportunity to celebrate our graduating students as a community, even in this remote environment. We are so proud of all of our graduates — baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral. This is the time to honor these huge accomplishments.

Please join us in viewing the Commencement ceremonies, which will go live on the dates and times listed below. Please also post photos and videos of graduates on social media by using #SPUgrad and tagging Seattle Pacific University, so we can all see the celebrations happening around the country and the world.

Congratulations to all 2020 Seattle Pacific University graduates! May God bless you and keep you.


Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony

View the Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony video

Graduate Commencement Ceremony

View the Graduate Commencement Ceremony video
A special message from Dr. Lynette Bikos

Celebration Chapel 

In lieu of a Celebration Chapel, please view this congratulatory message from Chaplain Lisa Ishihara.

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Undergraduate Commencement program

Download the Undergraduate Program PDF

Graduate Commencement program

Download the Graduate Program PDF

Congratulatory Video Message

Messages from SPU faculty and staff:

Congratulatory videos from all departments


Celebrate the Class of 2020 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Use #SPUgrad and tag SPU in all of your posts!

Commemorative gifts

It’s not too late to purchase a tassel, diploma frame, and other commemorative items. Visit the SPU Bookstore online for gift ideas.


For questions about virtual Commencement, contact us at


Undergraduate slides

Graduate slides

Thank you

Seattle Pacific University would like to thank the following faculty, staff, and students for their wonderful contributions in celebrating this year’s graduating students:

High Events Team 

  • Sarah Walter 
  • Michelle McFarland 
  • Maliea Lowe-Hale 
  • Annette Rendahl 
  • Madisynn McCombs 
  • Derek Wood 
  • Kenda Gatlin 
  • May Tag Yang 
  • David Rither 
  • Marty McAlpine 
  • Colleen Steelquist 
  • Amanda Stubbert 
  • Courtney Hollander 
  • Kyle Brown 
  • Curt Jacobson 
  • Matt English 
  • Rashmi Shrestha 
  • Gina Whitehouse 
  • Bruce Congdon 

Commencement Commemorative Boxes 

  • Colleen Steelquist 
  • Sam Davis 
  • Sarah Walter 
  • Michelle McFarland 
  • Annette Rendahl 
  • Maliea Lowe-Hale 
  • Madisynn McCombs 
  • Christine Perkins 
  • Courtney Hollander 
  • Pam Martin 
  • Lynn Anselmi 
  • Jeff Jordan 
  • Frank Kinard 
  • Debbie Wilkins 
  • Elaine Stevens 
  • Howard Byrd 

Virtual Ceremony Participants & Production 

  • David Rither 
  • Marty McAlpine 
  • Ron Haight 
  • Dan Martin 
  • Bruce Congdon 
  • Cedric Davis 
  • Stephen Newby 
  • Lisa Ishihara 
  • Lynette Bikos 
  • Bo Lim 
  • Cara Wall-Scheffler 
  • Dave Nienhuis 
  • Julie Antilla 
  • Lorie Wild 
  • Doug Strong 
  • Sandy Mayo 
  • Brian Chin 
  • Danny Helseth 
  • Dainius Vaicekonis 
  • Sarah Walter 
  • Michelle McFarland 
  • Annette Rendahl 

Design, Web, & Communication 

  • Colleen Steelquist 
  • Jason Herrman 
  • Elijah Cabiles 
  • Sam Davis 
  • Tracy Norlen 
  • Esther Yun 
  • Lynn Anselmi 
  • Kathy Henning 
  • Mike Schubert 

Program Coordinators

  • Katie Bennett 
  • Emily Crow 
  • Julie Ann Harrington 
  • Tracy Coleman 
  • Marilyn Hancock 
  • Brenda Baker 
  • Chloe Hays 
  • Heather Maguire 
  • Allison Groseclose 
  • Megan Hamshar 
  • Jackqueline Miller 
  • Marcie Pickett-Johnson 
  • Teresa Tsang 

Student Advisory 

  • Darian Burns 
  • Andrea Diaz 
  • Pierce Salave’a 
  • Nathan Samayo 
  • Sophia Chacko