Provost Office Structure and Department Chairs

Department Chairs 2018-19

College of Arts and Sciences - Arts and Humanities


Scott Kolbo

Communication, Journalism, and Film

Bill Purcell


Mark Walhout


Rod Stiling

Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics

Owen Ewald

Master of Fine Arts

Scott Cairns


Brian Chin


Rebekah Rice


Andrew Ryder



Business, Government, and Economics

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Kim Sawers

Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

Gary Karns



College of Arts and Sciences - STEM and Social Sciences


Derek Wood


Ben McFarland

Engineering and Computer Science



Melani Plett

     Computer Science & Computer Engineering

Elaine Weltz   

Aaron Dingler  

     Electrical Engineering

Melani Plett

     Mechanical Engineering & General Engineering

Adam Arabian

Family and Consumer Sciences

Sandra Hartje


Brian Gill


Kara Gray

John Lindberg

Lane Seeley


Jennifer McKinney

Kevin Neuhouser





Director of Center for Global Curriculum Studies

Arthur Ellis

Director of Undergraduate Teacher Education

Dan Bishop

Director of Field Placements

Jill Heiney-Smith

Special Education

Jorge Preciado

Assistant Dean for Education (Certification)

Pete Renn

Assistant Dean for Education (Graduate)

Scott Beers 

Counselor Education

June Hyun

Educational Leadership

William Prenevost

Teacher Leadership

Robin Henrikson


Kris Gritter

Director of Graduate Teacher Education

Jill Heiney-Smith

Digital Educational Leadership

David Wicks

Director of the Center for Professional Education

Pete Renn

Director of Targeted School & Community Partnerships

Greg Fritzberg

Director of Doctoral Program

Nyaradzo Mvududu



General Education


Director of General Education & University Seminar

Gaile Moe

Director of Campus Writing

Peter Moe



Health Sciences


Associate Dean for Undergraduate Nursing

Antwinett Lee

Associate Dean for Graduate Nursing

Christine Hoyle

Health and Human Performance

Dale Cannavan



Psychology, Family, and Community


Associate Dean, School of Psychology, Family, and Community

Lynette Bikos

Undergraduate, Psychology & Director of Research

Baine Craft

Graduate, Clinical Psychology & Director of Research

Amy Mezulis

Director of Clinical Training for Clinical Psychology

Thane Erickson

Graduate, Marriage and Family Therapy

Scott Edwards

Director of Clinical Training for MFT

Hee-Sun Cheon

Graduate, Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Rob McKenna





Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies

Doug Koskela

Associate Dean, Seminary

Laura Holmes



University Scholars

Chris Chaney

2018-19 Office of the Provost Organizational Chart

View the organizational chart outlining the Provost's Office structure for the 2018-19 academic year.