Advisory Council on Diversity and Reconciliation

February 2018 saw the launch of the Advisory Council on Diversity and Reconciliation (ACDR), which will provide input and direction to the design and implementation of Universitywide diversity efforts and the practice of reconciliation as a core distinctive at SPU.

This cross-department advisory council is overseen by Dr. Sandra Mayo and is comprised of six staff representing Alumni and Family Relations, Student Life, University Communications, Finance, the John Perkins Center, and Graduate Admissions; and six faculty representing general education (UFND, CUE, and UCORE), the social justice major, graduate programs, the honors program, and the Faculty Diversity Committee.

Initial tasks for the ACDR

  • Establishing an operational definition of diversity and reconciliation;
  • Advising on proposed Universitywide diversity goal areas and performance indicators;
  • Identifying priorities in achieving diversity goals and setting a working plan and timeline;
  • Contributing knowledge and insights to the development of a comprehensive diversity training for employees;
  • Recommending diversity-related programming and educational opportunities for students;
  • Giving input about present and long-term University diversity, equity, and inclusion policies and practices; and
  • Serving as a forum for discussion about diversity needs on campus.

2018-19 Membership

  • Christine Chaney (Professor of English; Director of University Scholars)
  • Jason Chivers (Director of Graduate Admissions)
  • Rebecca Hughes (Assistant Professor of History)
  • Paul Kim (Coordinator for Global Involvement and Small Groups, John Perkins Center)
  • David Leong (Associate Professor of Missiology)
  • Sandra Mayo (VP for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)
  • Garrett McGuire Tabb (Budget and Finance Manager)
  • Kevin Neuhouser (Professor of Sociology, Co-Chair Sociology Department)
  • Tracy Norlen (Director of Public Information)
  • Susan Okamoto Lane (Dean of Multi-Ethnic and Wellness Programs)
  • Peter Rivera (Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy)
  • Kimberly Segall (Professor of English; Co-Director, Social Justice and Cultural Studies Major)
  • Amanda Stubbert (Director of Alumni and Parent Relations)