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Update on SPU’s 2014 Alumni of the Year

In a conversation with Edward Blews about a recent change in his professional role, Seattle Pacific University decided to defer honoring Edward and Debra Blews as Alumni of the Year to some future time. SPU will, however, have the opportunity at Homecoming 2014 to recognize our Young Alumnus of the Year, Charlie “Char” Beck ’08.

Additionally, we will continue the tradition of recognizing the Medallion winners. Nominated by fellow alumni, recipients of the Medallion Award are loyal supporters of Seattle Pacific and true to its ideals, standouts in their chosen professions, contributors to the welfare of the community, and active participants in their churches.

The 2014 Medallion winners are: Bob Ekblad and Gracie Johnson Ekblad ’82, Jim Lyon ’74, Michele Weslander Quaid ’91, and Mike Quinn ’85.