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Andy Crouch

Drinking From the Wells of a New Creation

The Holy Spirit and the Imagination in Reconciliation

Kerry Dearborn, SPU Professor of Theology

Cascade Books, 2015

Connecting the gift of the imagination with the work of God’s Holy Spirit, this book invites readers to pursue God’s vision of a reconciled, new creation.

Andy Crouch

Calling and Clarity

Discovering What God Wants for Your Life

Doug Koskela, SPU Associate Professor of Theology

Eerdmans, 2015

Young adults often encounter mixed messages about vocation from their families, friends, and churches. Seeking to ease that frustration with this book, Doug Koskela clarifies the relationship between gifts, passions, and vocation, even as he offers practical guidance for the process of vocational discernment.

Andy Crouch

Rediscovering an Evangelical Heritage, 2nd Edition

A Tradition and Trajectory of Integrating Piety and Justice

Donald Dayton and Douglas Strong, Dean of SPU School of Theology

Baker, 2015

An updated edition of a groundbreaking classic, this book argues that 19th-century evangelicals had a mature vision of faith that engaged complex social issues, a legacy we can embrace today.

Andy Crouch

Tribal Trio of the Northwest Coast

Kenneth Tollefson, SPU Professor Emeritus of Anthropology

Journal of Northwest Anthropology, 2015

In this volume, Kenneth Tollefson recounts his experiences working alongside the Tlingit, Snoqualmie, and Duwamish tribes over many years, in their quest for tribal autonomy.