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Spring 2004 | Volume 26, Number 6

Flight Into Eternity
Alumnus Jake DeShazer flew with the famous Doolittle Raiders in World War II, but he says that’s not the memory that defines his life. The former Japanese P.O.W., now 92 years old, looks back with joy and gratitude to 30 years of service as a missionary and teacher in the land of his captors.
  My Enemy, My Friend

Dear Toshiko
Seattle Pacific College student Toshiko Senda was less than two months from graduation when she was incarcerated with her family in 1942. Recently discovered letters have ignited the interest of current students in Senda’s story.

Home From Iraq
Both Steve Campbell ’03 and Anne Marie Olney Sterling ’00 are home from the battlefields of Iraq, but the war lingers in their minds and hearts. “Unless you’ve been to war, you don’t understand how it changes you,” says Campbell.
  Can Art Help Heals the Wounds of War?

Good Morning, Seattle
Described as “red-hot” among American journalists, New York Times columnist and author David Brooks spoke at SPU’s Greater Seattle Community Breakfast in April. He took his audience on a tour of suburbia and the things that unite us and divide us.

Engineered for Success
In an Atlantic Monthly article titled “The Organization Kid,” David Brooks described today’s generation as “perky conformists” driven to succeed. Response queried Brooks about his commentary and invited three SPU students to talk back.
  Perky Conformists Afraid to Talk About Values?

Have Purpose, Will Travel
Best-selling guidebook author Rick Steves believes that travel is about engaging the world’s cultures. “I want Americans to be able to travel so they can see that people in nations everywhere are loved by God, no more here than anywhere else,” he says.
  Steves' Global Picks

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From the President
As today’s opinion-shapers declare the Christian message irrelevant, Seattle Pacific University President Philip Eaton reminds us: “For two billion people, the resurrection of Jesus Christ changed everything.”

“This Is Our Campaign”
Creativity and commitment are the hallmarks of faculty contributions, including finding precision science equipment and seeking grants. [Campaign]

Acting on AIDS
A student-led campaign encouraging a Christian response to a world pandemic had the campus seeing orange. [Campus]

When Disaster Strikes
As senior development officer for Northwest Medical Teams, alumnus Dick Frederick ’63 helps deliver care to those who need it most. [Alumni]

Fact or Fiction?
A new Response department reviews the best-seller The Da Vinci Code. Why is this page-turner disturbing so many Christians? [Books & Film]

Looking Ahead
Falcon women keep their sights on a national championship after a perfect season ends too soon at the Elite Eight. [Athletics]

My Response
Nicaraguan native Maria Antonia Caldera Hunter ’89 tells of an SPU study tour to her homeland that showed her the presence of Christ in unlikely places.