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Spring 2006 | Volume 29, Number 2

Holistic Healing
“The way we’re currently treating patients is ineffective,” says Tina Schermer Sellers, chair of SPU’s Medical Family Therapy certificate program. She and other health care professionals say a collaborative approach to medicine, one that considers the mind, body, and spirit, makes a profound difference for patients and their families.

Help for the Suffering
How does a couple cope with their child’s debilitating illness? Can the depression-ravaged find support at church? How does a family learn to heal — together? In a series of personal stories, read reflections on the value of collaborative care.

     Symbols of Courage

Country Doc
Modern medicine sometimes trumps personalized care. But small-town physician and clinic partner Mark Raney ’80 believes the two can and should work together. “This is more than a clinic,” says the doctor, who still makes house calls. “It’s a mission.”

Adam’s Story
Adam Jennings was diagnosed with leukemia on February 27, 2001, the day before the Nisqually earthquake rocked the Pacific Northwest. Then an SPU sophomore, Jennings battled his personal aftershocks with support from family and friends.

Ingredients for Life
More than 1,250 people — many of them once homeless — have graduated from Seattle’s innovative culinary program FareStart. “It’s one thing to give someone a sack of food and another to teach them how to be employable and self-sufficient,” says FareStart Development Director Lillian Hochstein ’91.
Lessons From the Street

One of the keys to the Falcons' success, Mike Bushmaker made his mark as the team's sixth man, finishing the regular season as SPU's No. 4 scorer and leader in field goal percentage. Read his story here.


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Reflections on a Study Leave
President Philip Eaton reflects on his recent study leave: “Stepping back from it all makes me more grateful for this good place, its clear vision, and for the truly good people who make it all happen,” he says.

Shout of Reconciliation
Dr. John Perkins returns to campus for the annual Perkins Lecture Series, and two pastors unite two well-known Christian community development organizations.

Science Lesson
With more than $1.5 million in grants, physics and education faculty members are developing teaching strategies to better equip science educators.

By the Book
For an alumni couple living above a bookstore in La Conner, Washington, “The Next Chapter” is the best one yet.

Soundtrack to Saving a Marriage
The singer-songwriter, husband-and-wife team known as Over the Rhine cancelled their 2003 tour to save their marriage.

Road to the Final Four
Led by Coach Hironaka, the Falcons finished their season in the top 10 nationally and earned a shot at a national championship.

My Response
Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Mike Holmgren shares the spiritual lessons of victory and defeat he’s learned from high school football games to Super Bowls.

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