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Spring 2007 | Volume 30, Number 1 | Books, Film & Music

Response OnScreen Archive Autumn 2006:

Don't Call The Nativity Story “A Prequel to The Passion

Israeli and Arab Children Ponder Prejudice and Hope in Promises

Summer 2006:

Off The Beaten Path of Summer Blockbusters

Paradise Lost — Terrence Malick’s The New World

Spring 2006:

Africa’s Oscar-Winning Tsotsi

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days Delivers Stirring Portrait

Winter 2006:

Capote, Murrow, Cash: Are These the True Stories?

The Big-Screen Wardrobe: Walden Media's Michael Flaherty Divulges the Challenges of Filming Narnia

2005's Best — Twenty-Seven Movies Worth Watching

Summer 2005:

Serenity Rewards Faithful Fans, Thrills a New Audience

Do You Believe in Demons? An Interview with Scott Derrickson

After the Jedi: Reflections on Films That Captivate the Culture

Spring 2005:

Candid Camera — A Review of Born Into Brothels

Autumn 2004:

Reconciliation on Screen: Recent Films Explore Conflict, Retaliation, and Peacemaking

Summer 2004:

Attack of the Big-Screen Clones: Reviewing Hollywood’s Portrayals of Genetic Engineering and Its Possible Perils

Spring 2004:

The Passion of the Christ: After the Uproar, Three Views of the Film’s Potential Legacy

Winter 2004:

Beyond the Shire— An Interview with John Rhys-Davies

Interviews With the Cast and Crew of the Rings Films

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Department Highlights

Dark Alphabet
Jennifer Maier, poet and SPU associate professor of English, receives a literary award for her first book of poetry, Dark Alphabet.

Film Critic’s Book Explores Art and Faith
Response Contributing Editor Jeffrey Overstreet talks about "dangerous" movies.

Fragrant Acclaim for Scent
Senior Response writer Clint Kelly takes readers to a New Guinea rainforest to find a beguiling scent.