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Summer 2002 | Volume 25, Number 3 | Campus

Commencement 2002
Students in the Class of 2002 enjoyed a Commencement weekend full of celebrations and traditions. The Class also created an endowment for its alma mater.

Largest-Ever Graduating Class Spreads Out Across the U.S. and the World

Supreme Court Issues Landmark Ruling in Favor of SPU and Other Universities in Washington State

"Earth Hero" Brings Campus Recycling Efforts of the Residence Halls

Eight Teams Travel With SPRINT This Summer, Gaining a Heart for Ministry

Summer at SPU: Classes, Conferences and Construction

SPU Neighbor's Gift Will Help Students

Low Interest Rates Make Student Loan Consolidation Attractive

From the President
The Board of Trustees adopted a new SPU mission statement in May 2002. "I believe passionately in what we are trying to articulate here," says President Philip Eaton.

Baseball: Genesis to Numbers
Professor of History Bill Woodward is on a lecture tour throughout small-town Washington for "Inquiring Mind," a popular project of the Washington Commission for the Humanities. [Faculty]

Tiffany Bricks Project
Alumni, friends and members of the SPU community are invited to purchase and inscribe a brick from the former Tiffany Hall. Funds will directly benefit student scholarships. [Alumni]

Varsity Pair Rows to Gold
The Falcon women's varsity pair crew shell rowed to its first national championship gold medal in the Dad Vail Regatta. [Athletics]

My Response
Nick Glancy, Class of 2002, writes about September 11, the Gospel of John and J.R.R. Tolkien in this new Response department. [My Response]