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From the President

Kim Sawers
Undergraduate and Graduate Commencement Speakers

I am pleased to announce our Undergraduate and Graduate Commencement speakers for this year’s high ceremonies, as well as an honorary degree recipient.

The Undergraduate Commencement speaker is Steve Moore, Executive Director, Murdock Trust.

The Graduate Commencement speaker is Holli Martinez, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, T-Mobile; The Martinez Foundation.

The Honorary Degree recipient is Lynwood Swanson, Consultant, FEI Company; Trustee Member, Murdock Charitable Trust.

Steve Moore-Murdock
Undergraduate Commencement Speaker Dr. Steve Moore

We are thrilled to have Dr. Steve Moore, executive director of the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust and former SPU vice president for campus life, as the 2015 Undergraduate Commencement speaker. As Murdock’s chief executive officer, he is responsible for all programs and activities of the Trust, and has been with Murdock since 2006.

In Dr. Moore’s own words, "The Murdock Trust has invested over $700 million in leaders and organizations since its founding in 1975. We are deeply appreciative of many groups seeking to weave the fabric of strong communities and a healthy, vibrant culture. In many ways the work of the Trust is 'upstream,' working in leadership development, capacity building, scientific research, education, and other areas that strengthen organizations and help them fulfill their missions to serve individuals, families, and communities."

Dr. Moore has also served in key roles in Christian higher education, including executive director of Texas Tech University Wesley Foundation, president of Baylor University, and senior vice president and president of the Asbury Foundation at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Dr. Moore and his wife, Thanne, live in Portland, Oregon. They have three grown children, Madison, Maegan, and Mollie.

Holli Martinez
Graduate Commencement Speaker Holli Martinez

Holli Martinez is the 2015 Graduate Commencement speaker. Martinez was attending SPU when she left school to marry, Edgar, in 1992. After years of parenting, she was prompted to complete her college education when her seven-year-old son said to her one day, “Mom, I want to be just like you when I grow up. I don’t want to do anything!” She enrolled in classes intent on setting an example for her children. However, she did not anticipate how education would change her life.

Martinez’s passion for equity was sparked in her undergraduate program at the University of Washington, Bothell. Texts such as Paulo Freires’ Pedagogy of the Oppressed and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail inspired her to examine the inequalities that lie within public education for families living in poverty. In 2007, after a year of research, Martinez and her husband, Edgar, launched The Martinez Foundation. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to the professional development and retention of teachers of color in Washington state’s Title 1 public schools.

As the founder and executive director of the Foundation, Martinez was determined to ensure its sustainability and integrity for years to come. With that in mind, she completed her master of public administration at the University of Washington's Evans School of Public Affairs. In 2012, she concluded that the Foundation was ready for growth beyond its founders and brought in new leadership. So far, the Foundation has awarded nearly $1 million in scholarships and will support the development and success of more than 100 teaching Fellows in 2014.

Martinez joined T-Mobile in February 2013 as the director of diversity and inclusion, continuing her work for equity. She is responsible for driving the enterprise strategy and delivery of diversity and inclusion initiatives and programs. In her short tenure at T-Mobile, she has established and currently oversees 30 teams across the country, and received the organization’s highest award from the CEO.

Lynnwood Swanson
Honorary Degree Recipient Lynwood Swanson

SPU will award an honorary degree to Dr. Lynwood Swanson at the Undergraduate Commencement ceremony. Dr. Swanson is a highly esteemed scientist and entrepreneur. After completing his Ph.D. at the University of California, Davis, Dr. Swanson went on to serve as academic dean of Linfield College, and founded Field Electron and Ion. After serving as chief scientist and chairman for more than 30 years, Dr. Swanson retired from his role as chairman, but still continues to contribute to the company in advisory and research roles. 

In March 2014, Dr. Swanson was awarded the prestigious Pittcon Award by the Chemical Heritage Foundation. The honor “…recognizes outstanding individuals whose entrepreneurial careers shaped the instrumentation and laboratory supplies community, inspired achievement, promoted public understanding of the modern instrumentation sciences, and highlighted the role of analytical chemistry in world economies.” Dr. Swanson also received The Howard Vollum Award for Distinguished Accomplishment in Science and Technology. The award was created in 1975 as a tribute to the late C. Howard Vollum, and is awarded by Reed College. Winners of the award are selected for the perseverance, fresh approach to problems and solutions, and creative imagination that characterized Vollum's career. Past recipients of the Vollum Award include Leroy Hood, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates.

In 1987, Dr. Swanson became the first “second generation” trustee of the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, succeeding founding Trustee Paul Boley. Under the careful, strategic, and creative management of the Trustees, assets have grown from the original $91 million (1975) to the current value of more than $800 million. 

Dr. Swanson has been married to his wife, Karin, for 59 years. They have four children and nine grandchildren. Two  of their sons, David and Jonathan, are SPU alumni. David is a ’94 graduate with a bachelor of science degree in biology and is a physician on the island of Oahu, where he resides with his wife and four young boys. Jonathan is a ’95 graduate with a bachelor of science in chemistry and exercise science.  

Campus News & Events

Blood Pressure Check
Annual Biometric Screenings, March 25-26. Earn $100 Cigna Incentive.

SPU Human Resources, Cigna, and Summit Health are offering free, confidential health and wellness screenings this month. The on-campus sessions will be held in the Library Seminar Room, 7:30 a.m.-12 p.m., Tuesday, March 25, and Wednesday, March 26. Sign up online at Summit Health’s confidential site. Register as a new user, regardless if you have used this website in the past. Please arrive five to 10 minutes prior to your appointment to complete some general paperwork. Screenings will be done by highly skilled nursing staff and certified health professionals. Your personal screenings will include a brief health-risk questionnaire, as well as tests to determine height, weight, waist circumference, cholesterol levels, glucose levels, blood pressure, and body mass index. You will need to fast from food, beverages (with the exception of water), and personal medications for at least eight hours prior to your appointment. Make sure to bring your Cigna card with you to be able to process your $100 incentive through myCigna Motivate ME program. Please contact Human Resources Associate Director Nicole Custer at or 206-281-2676 with questions.


Percussion Ensemble
Music Concert This Week

The Music Department is hosting three student concerts this week and a faculty concert with staff piano accompanist Yuliya Minina. The Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, and Concert Choir and Chamber Singers will perform. Visit the music website for details. 


Falcons in Playoffs

The men's and women's basketball teams are in the NCAA Division II West Region tournament beginning Friday, March 13. The Falcon men’s playoff tournament is in Azusa, California, and the women play in Anchorage, Alaska. Follow all the Falcon teams online. 


Hire a SPRINTer as a Fundraiser Work Project

This summer, SPRINT (Seattle Pacific Reachout International) will send eight student teams to learn and serve alongside local leaders around the world. Hire a SPRINT student to help with yardwork, cleaning projects, or other household chores. Your work project helps students raise funds for summer international service-learning and mission trips. The recommended rate is $10 per student per hour. To schedule your project, email student Maddy Petrowski at Learn more about SPRINT.


SPU Hosts WJSH Symposium

The Washington Junior Science and Humanities Symposium will be held at SPU, March 13-14. More than 140 Washington high school and middle school students and teachers with a special interest in science, mathematics, and technology research will be on campus. The symposium is one of more than 48 similar regional programs conducted by the Academy of Applied Science under contract with the U.S. Army Research Office, the Office of Naval Research, and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. SPU has sponsored this annual WJSHS program for more than 40 years.

Sixteen high school students have been selected to present their science research at the symposium, and the Washington winners will receive a total of $4,500 in scholarships. SPU will match these scholarships if the student(s) attend SPU. 

The poster presentations will be set up in Upper Gwinn, and you are invited to view them anytime on Friday, March 13, 1:15- 3 p.m. Learn more online.


Hackers, Spies, and Freedom

The former head of the National Security Agency, retired four-star Army Gen. Keith Alexander, comes to campus as part of SPU’s annual Downtown Business Breakfast. He will give a free evening lecture on Thursday, April 9, 7 p.m. in Brougham Pavilion.


Frames and Filters: An On-ramp to Multicultural and Multiethnic Engagement

Faculty and staff are invited to a racial reconciliation summit hosted by the Pacific Northwest Conference of the Free Methodist Church on Saturday, March 14, 9 a.m.-12 p.m. at First Free Methodist Church. This event will be led by Tali Hairston, director of the John Perkins Center. He has worked with a number of churches, schools, and organizations providing leadership in racial reconciliation and multiethnic engagement. The program will explore ethnic diversity through personal and societal lenses. Through a guided-process, leaders will explore "framework forming filters" on issues of diversity and race. The event is free, but registration is encouraged.


Special Evening Event on Book of Romans With Daniel Castelo

The next Lectio series beginning March 30 will study the book of Romans, written by Associate Professor of Dogmatic and Constructive Theology Daniel Castelo. Faculty and staff can enjoy a free special dinner and lecture with Daniel on Tuesday, March 24, 6-9 p.m. in Upper Gwinn Commons. To register, contact Kelsey Holloway Rorem in the Center for Biblical and Theological Education at Guests can also attend for $20 and can register online by March 16.


Staff Payroll and Benefit Changes?

The 10th of each month is the last day to make changes to your upcoming payroll check. Do you need to remove your spouse and/or children from your health care plans? If so, contact Human Resources (HR) to complete the appropriate form. Changes might also include events that are expected to impact your benefits and deductions, such as your spouse or children gaining or losing coverage due to employment, birth, marriage, etc. Additionally, any changes you wish to make to your 403(b) account contributions must be made by the 10th of the month. For changes to your 403(b) account, contact Transamerica Retirement Solutions at 1-888-676-5512 (5 a.m.-6 p.m. PST), or 1-800-755-5801. If you have any other benefits-related changes, call Mardeth Hughes in HR at 206-281-2816.

Emeriti Retirement Health Solutions on Campus March 16

Considering retiring soon? Join Emeriti representatives on Monday, March 16, 12-1 p.m. in Otto Miller 109 to learn about SPU’s Emeriti retiree health plans offered through Aetna and how it works with Medicare. Also on the agenda is how to diversify your Emeriti portfolio and save for retirement health expenses. No RSVP is required. If you are unable to attend, you can view short videos on Emeriti’s website at Questions may be directed to Human Resources Associate Director Nicole Custer at

Campus Dining Special This Week

Common Grounds/Academic Perks: Get ready for St. Patrick’s Day with our March special ― an Irish Crème Grande Latte. Also make sure to try three new iced tea flavors. Come in for a grande for $2.95 or a venti for $3.15. The Common Grounds happy hours are Monday-Thursday 3-9 p.m., and Friday 3-7 p.m. Academic Perks happy hours are Monday-Friday, 3-6 p.m.

Falcon’s Grill: Try our new Chicken Quesdilla, paired with a 21-ounce fountain drink for $6.99.

Subway: We have a new sub for the month of March. Try our Italiano Sub, made with salami, pepperoni, and turkey. We also have provolone cheese for a limited time. We are still offering our $6 meals, which include a select 6-inch sandwich, a 21-ounce fountain drink, and a side of chips.

Einstein’s Bagels: Iced tea and iced coffee is only $1.25 each. We are also offering a chai tea and pastry combo for only $2.99.

Sandella’s: Try our March special, the Turkey Reuben sandwich for only $6.49.

Faculty/Staff Bulletin Deadline

The Faculty/Staff Bulletin is published every week during the academic year. If you have information or event news, send it as soon as possible to Bulletin Editor Tracy Norlen at Submissions may be edited for clarity. The next deadline is Thursday, March 12. The next Bulletin will be published Monday March 16.

Faculty & Staff News

Christine Chaney
Chaney Invited Speaker at Jane Austen Event

Professor of English Christine Chaney was an invited speaker at a sold-out University of Washington event at ACT Theatre on February 19 called “Austen Ever After” about the lasting influence and legacy of author Jane Austen. (Ten experts from a variety of academic and arts institutions were invited to give very short, TED-style talks on Austen topics ranging from current Young Adult fiction versions of her books, to fairy tales, film adaptations, Georgian-era costume, environmental issues, and the architecture of the city of Bath, as just a few examples.) In addition, Grammy-winning early music artists gave a short performance of music from Austen’s time, and two actor/writers from Book-It Theatre in Seattle gave a short performance from their adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Chris’ talk was on Austen’s narrative use of sexual love and longing in her novels to make some interesting points about the nature of virtue for both men and women in this time period. Learn more about the event. 


Mike Hamilton
Hamilton’s Article Published

An article by Associate Professor of History Michael Hamilton titled “Philanthropic Funding, the ISAE and Evangelical Scholarship” has been published in the Evangelical Studies Bulletin 88 (Fall 2014). The article is a brief reflective look back at major philanthropy funding of evangelical scholarship over the past 35 years.

Kimberly Segall
Segal Invited Speaker at Middle East Film Series

Kimberly Segall, professor of English, was invited to speak by MidEast Focus Ministry on “The Double Images of The Other Son.” Her talk was part of a film series on “Choices in an Occupied Land” held at St Mark’s Cathedral on February 25.

Photo: SPU sign on campus
Ediger Presents Paper Co-authored With Hyun

In January, Associate Professor of Political Science Ruth Ediger presented a paper at the annual American Political Science Association Teaching and Learning Conference in Washington, D.C. She co-authored the paper with Jung Hyun, assistant professor of counselor education. The paper was based on data collected by them and Don Lee, associate professor of management. The paper was titled “Transferring Active Learning Pedagogy From the Active Learning Classroom Into the Traditional Classroom,” and it was presented for the “Curricular and Program Assessment” track at the conference.

Tom Carpenter
Carpenter Presents Poster

The Department of Psychology is pleased to announce that Instructor of Psychology Tom Carpenter recently presented his research at the 16th annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in Long Beach, California. Tom presented his poster titled “Forgive My Imperfections: Perfectionism, Self-Forgiveness, and Depressive Symptoms.” Tom would like to recognize his co-authors on the poster: Baylor University graduate student Lindsey Backer-Fulghum and Dr. Wade Rowatt, also of Baylor University.

eric vogt
Vogt’s Op-Ed Published

Eric Vogt, professor of Spanish, submitted an op-ed to Radio Habana Cuba and Editor-in-Chief Mr. Pedro Otero. The piece was published on February 20, and is an open letter to the people of Cuba as the United States and Cuba pursue normalization of diplomatic and economic relations. The station is the official voice of the Partido Comunista Cubano. The Spanish version is available online.


Julie Antilla
Antilla’s Article Published

An article by Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction Julie Antilla was recently published in Linguistics and Education. The article is titled “Debating the World – Choosing the Word: High School Debates as Academic Discourse Preparation for Bilingual Students.” Information on the article and journal can be found online.


SPU in the News

McKinney in Relevant Magazine

Professor of Sociology Jennifer McKinney is quoted in the 2015 March/April issue of Relevant magazine in a story titled “The Faults in Our Stars: What Can We Learn From the Downfall of Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church?" The story was written by Ruth Moon. Read the story online.


Snedker on KING 5 News

Associate Professor of Sociology Karen Snedker was interviewed by local NBC affiliate KING 5 on March 5 about her research on homelessness and Tent City 3 residents. Watch the story online.


From the Archives

Alexander Hall
An Important Day in SPU History

From University Archivist Adrienne Meier: "Tuesday, March 10, is the 100th anniversary of the name change from Seattle Seminary to Seattle Pacific College. I’ve written a short piece on the name change, including a transcription of the relevant Board of Trustees minutes and a photo of the same."


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