Getting Started SPU Online Courses

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Welcome to SPU Online Courses.  This document will guide you through the navigation, features, and functionality of your online course. It is divided into five sections:

  1. Evaluating Your Computer System and Recommended Hardware
  2. Accessing Your Online Course
  3. Navigating Within Your Online Course
  4. Download Instructions For Authorware Web Player, Navigating Within A Presentation and Using The Navigation Buttons 
  5. Participating In Threaded Discussions, Reading/Replying to A Message and Expanding All/Collapsing All messages In A Thread

Each section includes a general description of the area, step-by-step instructions to perform appropriate tasks, and some helpful hints.  

Before you read this document you should already have an Internet connection  so that you can view web pages and send and receive e-mail.  If you have  questions about setting up your internet connection, please contact an internet  service provider in your area or contact Instructional Technology Services at or call ITS at 206.281.2212.



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