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Women's Studies Minor


Jennifer McKinney, Director, Sociology Department

As an institution that centers its mission in the historical Christian faith, Seattle Pacific University affirms that women are created in God’s image, redeemed by Christ, and called to lives of scholarship, service, and leadership.

Prompted by that affirmation, SPU offers an interdisciplinary Women’s Studies minor and welcomes both male and female students to pursue it. The primary goals of the Women’s Studies minor are:

  • Establish awareness within the Seattle Pacific community of issues related to women and the impact of these issues on women and men's lives.
  • Explore women's issues in light of the Christian faith within a variety of disciplines.
  • Develop an understanding of the social construction of gender in historical and contemporary, Western and global contexts.

The Women’s Studies minor provides a course of study that stretches across disciplines.

  • It encourages interdisciplinary thought and scholarship.
  • It teaches skills of critical analysis, problem solving, and value reasoning.

Because of its adaptable course requirements and final project, the minor can be designed to complement majors in areas such as Sociology, Psychology, Theology, History, Communication, English, Languages, Cultures & Linguistics, Political Science, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Business.

Admission to the Women’s Studies Minor
Applicants for a minor in Women’s Studies must have:

  • Sophomore standing
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher in all college work applicable to the B.A.
  • A grade of at least a C- in WST/SOC 2350 Introduction to Women’s Studies.

Application to this program may be made through the Major or Minor Application form (PDF). A student must complete the major or minor requirements in effect when the student is admitted to the minor. Application can be made in Alexander Hall, Room 102.

Requirements for the Women’s Studies Minor
The Women’s Studies minor consists of at least 30 credits, of which 15 must be upper-division. Course requirements include WST 2350 "Introduction to Women’s Studies," 20–24 credits of electives, and a final WST 4960 "Independent Project" or WST 4940 "Internship."

Faculty Participants

  • Michelle Beauclair, associate professor of French
  • Christine Chaney, associate professor of English
  • Kerry Dearborn, professor of theological studies
  • Ruth Ediger, associate professor of political science
  • Michael Hamilton, associate professor of history
  • Sharleen Kato, professor of family and consumer sciences
  • Jaeil Lee, associate professor of family and consumer sciences
  • Kathleen Lustyk, associate professor of psychology
  • Jennifer Maier, associate professor of English
  • Jennifer McKinney, associate professor of sociology
  • Kevin Neuhouser, professor of sociology
  • Priscilla Pope-Levison, professor of theological studies
  • Todd Rendleman, associate professor of communication
  • Kimberly Segall, associate professor of English
  • Rick Steele, professor of moral and historical theology
  • Doug Thorpe, professor of English
  • Tom Trzyna, professor of English
  • Suzanne Wolfe, instructor in English

Note: Not all courses are offered every year. Check the Time Schedule for current offerings. Information concerning additional courses that will fulfill requirements for the minor is available from the Women’s Studies’ director.


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