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Brandy Sincyr

Brandy Sincyr ‘13

In June 2013, Brandy Sincyr graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in political science. Brandy is a survivor. When she was officially accepted as a freshman, she was homeless. Until she moved into her residence hall on campus, she didn’t have her own home or her own bed.

That Brandy thrived at Seattle Pacific is due to her tenacity and a confidence that she could succeed. Professors and staff members were part of “the team” that helped her through. And there was one other key to her personal victory — generous donors, who gave gifts that helped provide her with much-needed scholarships. Thanks to the support she received on all fronts, Brandy plans to be an advocate for homeless children.

By the Numbers

In 2013–14, 95 percent of SPU undergraduate students received scholarships and/or any financial aid.