Do you love sports? Are you an SPU student, do you teach or work at SPU, or are you an SPU alum? If so, the Intramurals Program at SPU offers you fun, exciting, and challenging team activities — regardless of your skill level and experience. From floor hockey to ping pong, participating in Intramurals at SPU just might be one of the highlights of the quarter for you.

Through a variety of competitive and recreational activities throughout the year, SPU’s Intramurals Program offers you points of connection and engagement in a fun, grace-filled, and Christ-centered community.

A Rich Mix of Opportunities

The list of intramural sports we offer is always growing. The 2017–18 school year offers a rich mix of opportunities for participating in Intramurals, including these:

Autumn Quarter 2017 Intramurals

  • Flag Football (Women's)
  • Flag Football (Men's)
  • GRIT (Fitness Class)
  • Hues of SPU Run
  • Ping Pong (Open)
  • Seattle Cup (Men's Ultimate Frisbee)
  • Seattle Cup (Women's Ultimate Frisbee)
  • Ultimate Frisbee (Men's)
  • Ultimate Frisbee (Women's)
  • Volleyball (Men's)
  • Volleyball (Women's)
  • Yoga (Fitness Class)
  • Zumba (Fitness Class)

Winter Quarter 2018 Intramurals

  • Badminton (Open Doubles)
  • Basketball (Men's)
  • Basketball (Women's)
  • Dodgeball (Coed Tournament)
  • GRIT (Fitness Class)
  • Ping Pong (Open Doubles)
  • Seattle Cup (Men's Volleyball)
  • Seattle Cup (Women's Volleyball)
  • Soccer (11v11 Coed)
  • Volleyball (Coed)
  • Yoga (Fitness Class)
  • Zumba (Fitness Class)

Spring Quarter 2018 Intramurals

  • Basketball (Coed)
  • 3v3 Basketball (Open)
  • GRIT (Fitness Class)
  • Kickball (Coed)
  • Seattle Cup (Men's Soccer)
  • Seattle Cup (Women's Soccer)
  • Soccer (6v6 Men's)
  • Soccer (6v6 Women's)
  • Softball (Coed)
  • Spikeball (Open Doubles)
  • Ultimate Frisbee (Coed)
  • Yoga (Fitness Class)
  • Zumba (Fitness Class)

The goal of Intramurals at SPU is to provide you with a premier Intramurals program that will enrich your life and experience at SPU — both on and off the field or court, or wherever your team plays — through a variety of competitive and recreational activities.


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