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This Christmas Break, Reintroduce Yourselves

Jeff JordanReintroductions. Redundant? Yes. Awkward? Maybe.

This summer, I returned to my alma mater for my 25-year college reunion. So many had aged! Not me, of course. The reunion was a fascinating time of reintroductions to old roommates and friends. We’ve changed in many ways over 25 years.

But, it doesn’t always take years for change to occur. Sometimes, just a few months in a new environment with new experiences instigate change.

And, so it is with your student who comes home changed by academics, friendships, and experiences. My hope is that SPU faculty members have challenged students with concepts and questions. It’s probable that relationships have caused your student to think differently about self and others. Most likely experiences on campus, in the city, and perhaps abroad have tested your student’s understanding and perceptions.

So, reacquaint yourself with your student. Ask questions about the learning, friends, favorite places, and interesting things in Seattle and SPU. Listen to the wonderful ways your student is growing. And, in the process, you may reintroduce yourself, too.

Merry Christmas and Happy Conversations!

Jeff Jordan
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dean of Student Life

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