Past Exhibitions


Installation View, Senior Illustration/New Picture Show. On view until April 25th.
Artists' Reception Thursday, April 16, 2015, 5-7pm


Curiosity & Play in the Creative Process
by Typographer and Designer, Cassie Hester

Monday, May 4th

11:00am-12:20pm -
Art Center Rm 5

Russian Formalist, Viktor Shklovsky, declared that “perception becomes habitual, it becomes automatic.” The recourse against habitualization is defamiliarization, the conscientious creation of unfamiliar and challenging work in order to stimulate a different perception. “Playful” design investigations—that is to say investigations that are less concerned with the outcome as they are with the process—are essential in creating compelling work. Rigorous, playful investigations challenge the perceptions of the designer and the viewer as process quickly leads to the invigorating unknown.

Through the investigation of familiar materials such as wood, clay, concrete, wax, paper, sequins, stamps, and thread with typographic form in unfamiliar formats and contexts, I am creating objects that are refreshing in construction and perception. A hybrid of analog and digital, Hester’s work seeks to bridge the gaps between material and form, art and design, as well as heart, head, and hand.

Cassie Hester’s Bio:
http://cassiehester.com + http://experimentaltypography.com
Cassie Hester is currently an Assistant Professor of Art/Graphic Design at the College of Architecture, Art + Design at Mississippi State University. She received her BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Georgia and her MFA in Design from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her typographic explorations have been featured in publications such as Print, Graphis, eg Magazine, Metropolis, and Step Inside Design. She has presented her work at numerous international design conferences reaching from Virginia to New Zealand. You can review Cassie’s ongoing typographic experiments at experimentaltypography.com.



FALL QUARTER (September 29 to December 10)

September 29 & 30: Vendor Fair

October 6 - December 10: UNION - An exhibition of artwork by Rachell Sumpter & Jacob Magraw is a collection of works created both individually and collaboratively over their past eight years together. Reception for the Artists - Thursday, October 23 (5-7 PM)


CHRISTMAS BREAK: December 11 – January 4 (Gallery Closed)


WINTER QUARTER (January 5 to March 19)

January 12 - February 13: SPAC Alumni Exhibition - The SPAC Gallery is proud to announce our very first Alumni Show featuring recent work from SPU graduates in Visual Communication Design, Studio Art and Illustration/New Pictures. Artists' Reception Thursday, February 5 (5-7pm)

February 16 - 27: 1103 BIG Drawings


SPRING BREAK: March 20 – 29 (Gallery Closed)


SPRING QUARTER (March 30 to June 11)

April 10 – April 24: ILL/NP Senior Show | Reception: Thursday, April 16, 2015; 5-7pm

May 4 – 15: Studio Art Senior Show | Reception: Thursday, May 7, 2015; 5-7pm

May 20 – June 12: VCD Senior Show | Reception: Thursday, May 28, 2015; 5-7pm


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